Newmount Mining

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Security Risk Assessment

Newmont Mining, Denver Tech Centre, Colorado, USA

Newmount Mining

In June 2016 R² Consultants were engaged to conduct a comprehensive SRA for the Corporate Headquarters of Newmont Mining to assess and quantify potential threats against the Headquarters and staff. Newmont Mining are demonstrably the largest gold mining company globally with operations in USA, Canada, South America, Indonesia and Africa.

A number of potential threats were identified including:

  • Terrorism
  • Organised Crime (Cyber Attack)
  • Active Shooter (“Lone Wolf “ Attack)
  • Civil Unrest/Protest

A number of mitigating measures were proposed including:

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Ballistic Protection
  • Expanded CCTV, ANPR and Access Control Systems
  • Security Staff Training and Situational Awareness
  • Executive Protection
  • Revised Visitor Management Protocols