Security Risk Assessments


R² conduct SRAs to internationally approved standards taking account of:

  • Threats (known and potential) and Intelligence
  • Geo-political and security landscape
  • Location and environment
  • Business category and objectives
  • Existing security measures and vulnerability
  • Stakeholder information
  • Site surveys and Gap Analysis

Concept to Detail Security System Design


R² provide security system design services from “Concept” through to “Ready for Construction” and will liaise with stakeholders at all stages of the process. The design will be informed by and directly related to the Security Risk Assessment and will start with the development of a detailed User Requirement. This will ensure that every device and process has a defined operational benefit and contributes positively to the overall security regime.

Concept Design provides clients with a high level overview of the systems, processes and technology required to secure their business relative to the threats, actual and potential, identified in the SRA. ROM costs will be incorporated at this stage.

Schematic Design builds on the Concept by identifying types and locations of products, how they integrate together, spatial and communications requirements and how they will be operated. Indicative network and equipment layout drawings will be produced at this stage. Client comments on the Concept Design will be accommodated in the Schematic Design.

Detail Design provides the client with a comprehensive report on the recommended security systems including specific security equipment and locations, communications networks and operating procedures. Detailed equipment layout drawings for all site wide security measures, technological and physical, will be produced for client comment.

We will also develop the operational procedures (CONOPS) to support, operate and make best use of the designed systems.

Project Management, Testing / Commissioning


R² can manage tender development and evaluation, contract negotiation and award, contract supervision and reporting, system testing and commissioning, development and management of maintenance agreements.

Security, Policing and Incident Management Training


Security systems and processes are of no value unless users are properly trained. Revive can provide:

  • System user and administrator training
  • Security Officer training including search procedures
  • Police Skills – Intelligence Analysis, Negotiating (Kidnap/Ransom), Criminal and Post Incident Investigation, Counter Corruption, Personnel Security and Governance.
  • Incident Management Training and Emergency Planning
  • Organisational Change, Efficiency and Structure Design (Lean Six Sigma)