Technologies and Systems


Our solutions are based on trained people, working to clearly defines SOPs and CONOPS, enabled by technology that is linked to our clients intelligence. We are proud of our reputation of delivering innovative solutions, often bringing together tried-and-tested solutions in a different manner to establish new capabilities. Our technical solution designs are always driven by the business and operational needs of our clients.

R² have Consultants experienced in the design, procurement and delivery of the following security systems and physical security measures:

  • Perimeter Protection and Access Points
  • Security Management Systems
  • Networks and Communications
  • Access Control/Identity Management
  • X-ray detection screening (vehicles, baggage, cargo)
  • LiDAR tracking,
  • Video Analytics
  • Biometrics
  • Data Analytics
  • Under Vehicle Scanning
  • Control Rooms
  • Physical Security
    (PAS 68* rated Road-blockers, Bollards, Barriers, Fencing, Landscaping (CPTED*))
  • Security Lighting and Glazing
  • Ergonomic Control Rooms Design
  • Data Design
  • Communication Network Infrastructure Design

*Pas 68 > internationally recognised crash rating for physical hostile vehicle mitigation products
*CPTED – Crime Prevention though Environmental Design – method for designing crime prevention measures into the natural environment