Transcorp Hilton Hotel

About This Project

Security Risk Assessment

Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria

R² Consultants were engaged to conduct a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment for the Transcorp Hilton Hotel and to upgrade their security systems in light of the increasing threat from terrorism in Nigeria.

A $1.5m integrated security regime was designed and implemented which included:

  • Expansion of the existing CCTV system
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition system at vehicle entrances/exits
  • Access Control system for private and sensitive areas
  • Upgraded perimeter security fencing
  • Vehicle x-ray scanning equipment and under vehicle screening at vehicle entrances.
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Equipment (Blockers, bollards, barriers)
  • New Control Room and Security Management System
  • Updated Concept of Operations for Security Checkpoints
  • Counter Terrorist Search Training

The systems were designed to provide robust but unobtrusive security measures while maintaining the welcome experience for guests and visitors.

Revive were further engaged to design security measures for new build Transcorp Hilton Hotels in Lagos and Port Harcourt.