About This Project

HQ Relocation

UK Police Force

In 2018, Revive was engaged by a UK police force to examine the technical, contractual and operational implications for relocating from their current HQ premises to a new location. The technology used by the force is very much HQ building-dependent, and part of the Revive study considered how the force could accelerate its programme to migrate the ICT stack and data storage out to the secure cloud.

The force also has many dependencies on external ICT connections and intelligence sources that would need to be included in the building decant strategy. Of key importance to the force was the requirement for all critical ICT applications to remain 24/7 operational with full resilience throughout the HQ move.  Other challenges included the tight timelines bounding the move, due to hard-stop dates on tenancy expiry dates.

Revive has developed a road map for the force that will permit the timely relocation to new premises, allowing the force to consolidate its accommodation portfolio and thereby derive significant cost savings and improved service delivery.