About This Project

Police Scotland – Cairnryan Port

Surveillance Systems and Control Room

R² consultants were engaged on a 5 year framework agreement to design and manage the installation of the Special Branch’s ports control room, CCTV and other security systems having previously been engaged by them in the development and upgrade of the original systems. We were engaged to assist Special Branch from initial stakeholder engagement with the port developers through concept, schematic and detailed design, port construction, system installation, testing and commissioning and final acceptance.

The Ports Unit plays a key role in the prevention and detection of terrorist activity, drug and people trafficking and other organised crime and they demand the best available technology systems to support them. The following works were undertaken on the project:

Stakeholder Engagement and User Requirement

Consultation with all interested parties to ascertain the operational processes for the new port and how they will affect stakeholder’s security needs. Through this consultation the user requirement for security technology was developed along with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and concepts of operation (CONOPs).


System Design

Concept, Schematic and Detailed system design was undertaken to identify the scope and location of surveillance and other security systems including:


  • Ports Control Room to manage all Special Branch surveillance systems and intelligence on a 24/7 basis.
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to monitor and record all movements of vehicles entering, leaving and moving within the port complex.
  • CCTV covering all key vehicle and foot passenger checkpoints, search areas and “meet and greet” locations as well as general surveillance of the port perimeter, vehicle marshalling and terminal areas.
  • Access Control systems for all Police accommodation and search facilities.